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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Inside the Mind of Sam

When circumstances allow (which is not often!) I really like to take the kids out for a short "date"... just a bit of one on one time. With three kids so close in age... they all like to talk.. alllll the time. It is so much fun to get them alone and spend some time together, they are such interesting little people! :) Sam and I just took a little drive to Sonic to get a Slushie and back home, but he was so excited he's called me his "best buddy ever since." I really like asking them random questions and thought I'd share a bit:
Me: What makes you happy?
Sam: Slushies!!! The puw-ple kind, and the wed kind, and wat-a-melon kind, but NOT the gweeeen kind. EW!
Me: What makes you scared?
Sam: Big, hairy mooonsters (With hand motions.)
Me: What is your favorite thing to do?
Sam: Pway with toys and light sabers with Jacob and Hannah
Me: What makes you sad?
Sam: Bein a-wone. (alone :)
I love being a mommy! :)

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markandmeg said...

OK, I just can't get enough of reading what your kids have been saying! It is always just too cute and makes my day!
Meagan D