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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired as a...

Here's big boy getting ready to head off for his fourth day of camp!! (Note the bag of cereal in his hand... the first day was eggs and toast... we've been trading sleep for luxury lately :)
The picture above is Sam's "push-pop"... Jacob bought one for Hannah and one for Sam when he was at camp Wednesday. They were thrilled! Below is Hannah... just cause it's cute ;)
Because a bus brings Jacob half-way, I haven't been able to take pictures of him actually at camp. Tonight though his drink of choice was the Mountain Dew. He had another fabulous day!!! He's talking about friends, lizzards, bugs, swimming, and today a sandcastle building contest. He's having the time of his life!
I've sent a disposable camera to camp with Jacob. He's rationing his pictures pretty carefully and I'm looking forward to developing them this weekend! Hannah and Sam have been sharing a camera at home to document their week... and they are all looking forward to showing each other their pictures and putting them in albums. :) I'm hoping to post some of them if I can.
Tonight while I was getting them out of the bathtub Jacob said that camp is making him start to "really, really loooove rest time and bed time" because his bed got "SO comfy" lately! :) He really made laugh because when we were driving home last night he said "Boy Mommy!! I'm as tired as a STICK!!!" (Whatever that means!) He has been exhausted when he hits the bed, but wow does he pop up and get ready quickly for a new day of camp!!! I'm hoping the mornings of kindergarten will be so easy... :)


markandmeg said...

I'm so glad he is having such fun at camp! I love hearing the updates on his days -- such fun!
Meagan D

The Fam said...

looks like jacob had a blast at camp! looks like a lot of fun!! the pictures are too cute!! love you guys lots!! love april