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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YAY for Day Camp!!!

This week Jacob has embarked on a new adventure... Day Camp at Camp Eagle. He has been looking forward to it for a long time now. I haven't been able to get any pictures yet... I'll try to do better. :) Day one: He marched right on in with his little backpack stuffed full (flashlight included despite the DAY in Daycamp...). I was really proud of him. For those of you who know my boy, you know he has a more shy, sensitive personality. One of the things I ADORE about him is that is always trying to do new things anyway. I knew yesterday would be a test, and he did such a good job. Even said he wanted to ride the bus back to the "drop point" with some of the other kids for the rest of the week!!! The theme of the week is Cowboys/Indians and the daycampers are apparently Indians. Jacob told me about the new friends he was making, about the boy who threw a spider on a leader and how hilaaaarious it was, showed me the rocks he had painted, the many amazing flavors of bug-juice and how much he liked the leaders. He also whispered "Mommy... they have a snack shop.. and it's ALL junk food!!!!" He had a gatorade and two airheads in his backpack :)He said they had a Bible lesson that he had retained really well. Apparently he held onto his backpack alllll day long, and his leader told me that was just fine, but was "weighing him down." :) Very nicely put. Jacob was fine with leaving it behind with the other backpacks today!

On the home front: Sam and Hannah were completely and totally thrown for a loop!! It didn't take Hannah long to jump right into "oldest child" and mother Sam.. and me... :) but literally every few minutes the first day they asked me when we could go pick him and told me how much they missed him! They wanted to know what he was doing "right now" so they could play camp at home. Finally Hannah said " I know what Jacob is doing right now. He is saying to his teacher: I miss Hannah and Sammy soooo much." That satisfied both of them for awhile! :)

Today was another great day. I had a great day with my two youngest playing with Grammie, running errands, and being together at home. We went to the drop point to see a sweaty, sun-tanned, smiling little boy with a can of root beer in his hands marching off of the bus! He climbed a waterfall, worked on crafts, went swimming (he even took a "swim test" yesterday, something I'm sure he had to be brave for...) and learned about a spring, some leaves and some bugs. (I'm obviously enjoying this as much as he is!) Camp was such a wonderful part of my life, and I can't believe Jacob is getting to enjoy this now! What a blessing!!

Finally: YES. I admit it. I MISS MY BOY. Yes. I'm pathetic. This is good practice for Kindergarten ;) That's ok though, it's good to realize how much you can miss someone... and especially to see my three little ones loving each other so much (They have already planned for next summer, that they should all be there and all be "swimming buddies.") Along these lines I do have one picture to share... Monday Jacob came home with one daisy for me in his backpack... :) :) :) :) :)

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Jeremy and Katie said...

That is so cute! I can't believe he's big enough for camp.... :)Yay for Jacob!