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Monday, June 8, 2009

June 7, 2009

This Sunday... we had the kick off service at Shenandoah Baptist Church for The 5.2. Project.
The highlight of the service was cardboard testimonies...
What an AWESOME thing to simply see the stark contrast between what our lives were like without Christ.. and what they are like now because of HIM. I'm working on getting the video and will post it on The 5.2 Website when it gets here. I'll keep you posted :)
The morning was just awesome... we in fact ran out of time for everything! Which means... (drumroll please) ... That the 5.2 video and other information will arrive again in a morning service in about 2 weeks. SBC also plans to do a Wednesday evening series through the summer based on this. It's so exciting! It's so good to be reminded as we were yesterday.. just who our God really.. and what we can, and should do about it!!
June 7 was also... my incredible husband's 30th birthday. I love him so much! :) I'm so blessed to get to be a part of this family. We celebrated after church with a surprise birthday party potluck in the cafeteria, it was so much fun!!
Saturday we had the family over and it was so much fun!!!
We got to finally give B.J. her birthday gift too... :)

Everyone should be lucky enough to have an Uncle Scott! :) The kids flock to him.. and as soon as they head outside he's right on their heels!

We had a nice.. BIG.. meal...

Gifts and funny cards :)

And... in other big news... Daddy got a Wii from his Mom and Charlie!!
(Heaven help us all!!) :)
Actually I have to say I'm a huge fan myself... we've had a great time bowling together in particular! The kids are LOVING it. :)
Oh... and so did Grandma Joyce....
Ok ok so ... maybe Grandma Joyce liked the baseball game... but after a few choice words her Wii bowling career may have ended forever. :) (But we sure got some good laughs!)
Still, it was a happy happy day!!!

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Naff News said...

1. Thank you for obliging my command, er, request. ;)

2. Happy birthday, Will! I can't believe he's 30...sheesh.

3. Sam looks way too old. Sigh.