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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scarlet Fever

Today has been a different kind of day! Jacob woke up this morning, sweet as can be and seeming fine but saying he had a "little" sore throat and was fine.. but his eyes just didn't look the same! Within fifteen minutes of getting up he developed a high fever and a very red and raised rash all over his body. He also described something that sounded like he was feeling lightheaded. We headed to the doctor and the diagnosis: Scarlet Fever! Looks like we caught it right away and with some time home and quite some time on antibiotics he should be just fine and dandy!! I have photo proof for grandparents in particular. :) When his temperature goes down with tylenol, so does the rash. Interesting actually! He has been happy as can be... thrilled to buy a new toothbrush.. happy with the "pink medicine"... and glad to be pampered :)
My biggest problem is getting him to get this stinkin box off his head and stop telling me he's a robot.


Renee said...

Great day in the mornin!! ...and good grief.

Thats all.

Renee said...

of COURSE that's not all!!

I love you all - give Jakey a hug for me. :)