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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hannah's Big Day!

As you've noticed (or will now... now that I've jumped back on the blogging bandwagon after my 1,234,234,345 lapse... ahem) in the Fall we celebrate a birthday every two weeks. Hannah parties her little heart out with her brothers, and waits... and waits... and waits for her turn to come. For a few weeks, she and Sam are the same age by number! That's always great fun for Sam... she doesn't mind but has no problem reminding him that she's "actually quite older-est."

I'm no cook... not by a long shot. But Hannah and I decided to attempt this fun cake that I saw on a blog that I stalk. Ummmm... or I also say "read. Sometimes. Maybe..." The blog is www.mycharmingkids.net and it was so simple (really just food coloring added to white cake in our version :) and an absolute crowd pleaser :) (Shew!)

My little BIG girl brings more sweetness and joy to my life than I can say! She loves to help me in the kitchen and even likes to pack lunches for her daddy and big brother :) She always... always has something sweet to say, and loves to use big words which keep us laughing constantly. She has a heart for the Lord that is precious and humbling... and I simply cannot believe that I get to be her mommy. God has blessed me with three incredible treasures in these children... without a doubt.
Happy 6th Birthday Peanut!


Meg said...

I love the cake -- I happen to stalk that blog as well, but haven't had the nerve to try the cake yet :) Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Naff News said...

Happy birthday Hannahbelle! (And I'm so impressed that you made the rainbow cake!)

Lauren said...

awesome cake.