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Monday, November 16, 2009

Isaac Michael Childress

Today I want to brag... (that's right you heard me....... ) UNASHAMEDLY BRAG about some of my favorite blessings in my life... EVER. Believe me, if you were Aunt to these amazing people you would too. (Yes. You would. I'm sure.) This is our amazing little Anna who is all things sweet and light and wonderful! Her voice melts me... and she is one of the most brilliant, personality filled little people I have ever met. And I love her so ... much. :)And oh my goodness... look at how big our Joshua is getting :) I LOVE his face. :) And I do believe he's just as sweet as he looks!!! Isn't he amazing?!?
And finally... a new little nephew who I have never met in person yet, but am head over heels in love with as well!!! Meet little Isaac.
One of the incredible people I get to call my sister...... and little Isaac Michael Childress. There really are no words. I'm so thankful for them... both two of my favorite blessings. Ever.
And my "little" brother... now a daddy. I know I've mentioned/BRAGGED about my brothers constantly... but I'm not one bit sorry. My brothers and their wives are my hero's in every sense of the word... and I feel like a little kid who is just a little bit cooler for being a part of their family. ;) This I know for sure... this UNBELIEVABLE PERFECT AND CUTE IN EVERY WAY baby boy... is so blessed to have the parents that he does! And I'm so blessed to be an Aunt again! We're so thankful for our family.

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Naff News said...

I love how Isaac is a mini Michael :)