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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sam I Am... Turns 5

On Sunday, September 27... my baby boy turned 5. (*Sniff*) I can hardly believe it. I love this little boy so much. Here is a picture of he and Jacob doing what they do best... making us laugh :)
We celebrated with the Wall family at Cracker Barrell... and you might say that Sam was a tiiiiiiny bit excited about his gifts. :)
(And Pop Pop... I'd give anything if you could have heard him scream when your package arrived. :)
The cake was also awe provoking...
And this would be such a great picture of his little face but I poked his ear straight out. ;) oops.
We went to Chuck E. Cheese and for Ice Cream with his beloved Grammie :)
Words can't describe the love, laughter, and joy that this little boy has brought into our lives, each and every single day.
*Dear all child protective people. I do not normally have my children salute me when I take their picture. The sun was in their eyes. I promise. Thank you for your concern....
Love, the crazy-mom-who-will-get-her-picture-at-all-costs.
We love our Sammy!!!

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Naff News said...

Happy birthday Sam the man!!