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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pop Quiz

1. ______________ was very excited to find a clock that sticks on the wall itself, for a little nook that we have in our house:
a.) Sammy
b.) A stranger that I'd like to blame for my odd and impulsive taste
c.) Mary Wall
2.) The above mentioned person spent ____ (amount of time) carefully applying said clock
a.) 15 minutes
b.) 30 minutes
c.) 1 stinkin hour
(Above you'll see a small hint for the answer to #2)
3.) The quality of this clock is such that:
a.) It stinks, is cheap, and easy to replace should there be a problem.
b.) Fair
c.) Actually quite good. That suckers really stuck to the wall.
4.) Do you see anything wrong with this (really stuck to the wall) clock?
a.) No way. That looks fabulous. Great idea.
b.) Well, the 12 appears slightly backwards but we've really outgrown the Roman Times anyway...
c.) Um well, it has "personality" .. and um.. memories... and my pride really isn't worth the cost of replacing it. So in our house... it's never 12:00. The hour begins at the stroke of ... 8? :)
*If you answered C to all questions... you're right on the money.


Naff News said...

Love ya Mary!! :)

Beth Simmons said...

I can't tell you how much I love this creative post and your very special Wall clock:)

5 is the perfect number! said...

you crack me up!!

Suhr-Real said...

Laughed so hard I cried! And that's even after you told me about it! :)

Childress Family said...

Woops! Definitely something I would do.

Lauren said...

i love you. :)