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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Like You :)

On Friday, I had the rare opportunity for time alone with my girl. While the boys attended the birthday party of a dear friend, Hannah and I got in the car together and I told her I'd take her anywhere she wanted to go. I love the opportunities when it feels "safe" to give them free choice, because I learn more about who they are growing up to be! She without hesitation... picked the park.
We played in the creek, threw rocks (in the water... not at.. each other:), laughed, and had so much fun. I can't believe she's my little girl. :) I really ENJOY her little personality and hearing what she has to say!
She made friends with another sweet little girl named Lauren, and while I got to know her mommy the girls swung together for quite some time, talking about their cats (of course.)
After awhile, Hannah said "Lauren! I'm going to go and run bases. Want to come?"
Lauren sad... "why?!"
Her mother and I laughed as Hannah took off for the baseball diamond in her little blue skirt.
Lauren reluctantly joined her, and Hannah told her she'd cheer for her while she ran the bases too.
Lauren got tired of the game after a lap (I don't blame her one bit!) and headed for the swings again. Hannah found a big stick... and a great big nut on the ground...
And over and over again... she...
Hit the base with her "bat" (as all good players do...)
Then she pitched the nut up in the air, and to my surprise wacked it HARD... every time... and took off running the bases. Over. And over. And over again.
On the rare opportunity for "girl time..."
She didn't stop smiling. Not once.
I am thrilled with my children's love for the outdoors. I do want Hannah to enjoy the "girly things"... (I suppose we need to do some nail-painting ASAP huh?!?!) and I'm not suggesting that we are looking at a new career here.
My mom used to (and does now to my children) say "I love you... AND I like you." That always made me feel special. She didn't love me just because she was my mom and had to. She liked me too. And I sure do like my little Hannah."
I liked watching her run the bases and literally be able to see her imagining the stands full of cheering fans. :) I loved hearing her chatter to another little girl about how silly her cat is! I loved holding her hand and playing with her. I love the funny (and sometimes annoyed) faces she makes when I won't stop taking her picture :) I love the way she always talks about how much she loves and misses her brothers. I love the way she always has a smile and something nice to say.

And I just really, REALLY... like her too :)


Lauren said...

aw i loved your mushy post :) and yes... nail painting is in order after girl time involved all that dirt. bring her to aunt laurens house. :)

Drew & Kari said...

I like her too! :) Tell her I will cheer for her when she plays softball one day :)

Childress Family said...

There are some folks in this house who REALLY like her too! Can't wait to see you soon.