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Friday, March 19, 2010

More Backyard... "Camping" :)

After some high-powered swinging... Jacob did what any good man would do at a camp-out...
He ... um... "built a fire!" :)

That they could sit by while they ate lunch
And listened to Teddy Ruxpin tell stories

and while Teddy Ruxpin ate his pretzels
and um.. well
The cat keeps an eye on Hannah wherever she goes. She taped this picture to the window a few days ago. It's a picture of a bird followed by music notes. She said that she had written "a song for the birds!"
They shared cookies... and enjoyed themselves completely.
This picture reminds me so much of my childhood... Teddy Ruxpin, grass stains, cookies... ahh :)

What a blessing to be able to watch my children play outside!

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