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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family and Photo Shoot Fail

After an absolutely WONDERFUL visit with my brother Michael, his beautiful wife Faith, and their amazing son Isaac.... I realized I'd had my camera on the wrong setting... the. Whole. Time. [*fail] Marie, Anna, and Joshua were up for a day and I was sooo sad that all of my pictures turned out blurry!!!

So as you see... every photo shoot was pretty much a fail :) These were the few that we not quite but almost good enough to be able to see some of the cuteness :) But the entire point was how crazy we are about these people. That... yes. That was clear... since I couldn't even think to check my camera, nor could I make the little ones get off of Uncle Michael long enough for a decent picture :) We love our family!

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Naff News said...

Oh my word, I just want to eat Isaac up! Those cheeks! :) And I think these pictures look fine Mary :)