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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aviator Attitude

Disclaimer: This little "tude" is shocking and not at all normal for Hannah, which is why I have to admit I found it absolutely hilarious. Don't judge me.

Also. Can some kind soul explain how to make pictures bigger on blogger?
I'm not gonna lie. I like their faces.
I've selected the largest option on my layout screen. I've tried messing with individual numbers in html which frankly, is a pain, and I can't get them to look right...
any thoughts?

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


Childress Family said...

These are fabulous! I love the boys' faces reflecting in her shades. LOVE them SO much!!

Renee said...

I'll tell you but only in person.

(Although if truth be told I have likely exhausted my presumed expertise on the subject.)

Seriously,Katie can help ya, I know she can...

Naff News said...

When I had "big" pictures on Blogger I had to first make sure the margins were nice and wide but the biggest thing was uploading my photos via Flickr. I upload them in Flickr first and then just copy the code into html on blogger. I think you adjust the size on Flickr. Play with it and good luck :)
And my 30.2 seconds yesterday was NOT. ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I switched to wordpress for that reason exactly! Once you switch you can transfer posts from your old blog over too. I love her aviators!!! I love seeing pictures of everyday beautiful moments in your house :)