"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To: Anonymous

Yesterday morning, without my knowing, asking, or knowing their identity... someone helped me.

It might not have been a big deal to them, but it sure was to me.

A really, really big deal.

I have no idea who this person is, but I sure hope they (and others who have done the same) are reading this blog. I wish I could hug your neck :)

I might have a problem with being a smidge too independent sometimes... and I don't take for one second, one thing for granted... that so many people have done to try to smooth out the path before us this year... especially when I've tried so hard to forge on and do it on my own. You are a big deal to me. It's hard for me to believe that you'd think of us or want to love on us like that. I'm amazed at the patience people have had with my mistakes, the consistency in friendship when I have been afraid to take you seriously :) and the safety of knowing we're not alone. For example, it's amazing when some of the people I look up most in the world tried to leave us an anonymous stash on the front porch, but the kids knew who it was from because they knew our favorite foods and called them out on it!!! We adore these people... way beyond what they wanted to do for us, and they didn't have to. It's a crazy thing when the people you look up to most seem to like you too :) I can say with full confidence that God has shown Himself to be so big, and so real, and so nice... that I'd be ok with Him not helping us like He does!!! In fact, so many times I don't even ask... because I'm just so thankful to know He's watching over us. He has made me feel like a spoiled kid this year in what He has convicted me of, changed me in, taught me through, provided for... and just plain been my companion, friend, shown me the bigger picture and always been my Savior. I want to do hard things... I want to show Him I love Him back... and as the kids would say, He just keeps loving me bigger! :) He's given us encouragement when I needed it most and wouldn't in a million years have wanted anyone to know it. He's provided for needs that I never would have mentioned... and done it immediately like this example this weekend. I'd found out about a great big unexpected need... I don't think I even asked Him for help (and hadn't mentioned it to anyone) I just thanked Him that He always takes care of us and started looking for what I could do to take care of it... and He provided immediately... through you, my anonymous friend meeting a need so that I could take care of this one. He didn't have to do that. And neither did you. We are already so blessed and yet you still wanted to bless us, and it blows me away.

I'm amazed this year at the love story between the Creator and His children. His pursuit of us, His mercy, and His kindness. I'm blown away by friends who are willing to treat us like family, especially when I feel the most unloveable. I honestly have no idea who in particular I'm thanking for this particular situation... and I'm completely amazed by the people God has surrounded us with every single day. Not because of what you do... but because of what it shows of who you are. We are so. so. blessed. And I'm so thankful.

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