"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok so... this morning I made up a rhyme.. not only that but I did it while pressing the snooze button on my alarm. I know. I know. The mind reels. So are you ready? (drumroll please...)

Oh I love coffee

Coffee is my friend

If I don't drink it early

It really hurts my head.

Yes. I am an artist. That's me! (I'll probably be really embarrassed about that later. Then again.. maybe not :)

It's been a good day to get things done around our house today. The kids were playing and busy making birthday cards (they just like to do that.. ... ) so I got to catch up around the house. Then we headed outside so they could play and I could hit the yardwork. It was nice to be outside. Yesterday poor Sammy had a really bad stomach bug. It hit hard, but left fast. Since then he has looked at people and said "My mouth is better... see?!?!" and then opens his mouth wide. I don't know if it's funnier that he thinks that is what is better.. or watching people try to respond to him kindly and really not wanting to look in his mouth! Tonight we are rewarding ourselves from a day of work with dinner at Franks (YUM) with friends.. and then getting a hug from our newly-married friends before heading home to tuck the kiddos in bed. I read something today that said "Friends are family we chose for ourselves." Isn't that neat? My friends.. and my family.. and the combination of the two are such an incredible blessing to me. We are so thankful for you. Or.. as Sammy likes to say to express appreciation.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (we are kinda hung up on birthdays in this family...)

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jeremy and katie said...

That is an inspiring piece of poetry mary. Bravo bravo. Love ya