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Monday, February 4, 2008

She's Getting Married... !!!

Our "Lizzaleth" is getting married!!!!

Will's mom came for a visit and sat down at the dinner table asking the kids, "Who here wants Elizabeth to get married?!?" Without missing a beat, Jacob answered, "Scott." It was so funny!

Those of you who don't know Elizabeth can only image what a treasure Scott is getting. We are also so blessed to be able to look forward to having Scott in our family!

When I told the kids that Scott would be their uncle, they jumped up and down and cheered. Then they stopped and got quiet, and asked if John and Michael would still be their uncles as well (just making sure they didn't have to trade one in I guess. :) I answered yes.. and they jumped up and down and cheered again!

We are so happy about wedding plans, wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, and ring boy suits, but most of all we are excited about two people who are the best of friends, and the wonderful life together that they have to look forward to.


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