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Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Try This Again :)

Ok Ok I did it again. I'm sorry and sheepishly uncomfortable :) My internet was down off and on for about two weeks. To be honest with I also gave in to the discomfort of knowing that I had SO much to catch up on ... that I just never had the time to actually do it. So... I'm going to fill you in with a little glimpse instead. We have had a wonderful summer filled with adventures. Thanks to Will's mom and her husband Charlie, Grandma Joyce and B.J. the kids and I were able to spend several days in Dollywood, and Splash Country USA. We had a WONDERFUL time and I am so grateful for the time we were able to spend with family (Elizabeth came too! :) and enjoying the rides. One of the highlights was the Dixie Stampede. We enjoyed this experience tremendously. One moment worth mentioning however was when Sam was asked to come in the arena with 5 other children for a race where the children were to chase chickens across a designated finish line. As if this wasn't funny enough, Sam got so excited he took off running for the finish line before the race had started! He returned laughing to join the actual activity, and the picture below is worth a thousand words! After Tennessee we began a long awaited trek to Ohio! We stopped over night to camp with some dear friends. Although unfortunately I did not dig deep enough in the pile in my trunk we had a fabulous time.

From the campsite we finished our trip to Ohio. FINALLY! This is a trip we had wanted to make since our last visit two years ago. We went to visit my college roommate April, her husband Travis, and their 3 adorable kids Ethan, Connor, and Sophie. We had an AMAZING time. The kids hit it off immediately and enjoyed each other so, so much.

April is my treasured friend. I love her enough to even use cheesy talk! :) She is the epitome of loyalty. She always makes me laugh, and is always ready and willing to listen. I can't write or say enough to explain what this friendship has meant to me over the years. It's funny how many years have gone by, and that we now have 6 children between us! God has been good... and allowing me to still have April in my life has been one of His greatest blessings to me.
Here's little Sophie and her daddy, Travis. We hadn't met Sophie yet.. and sure wanted to bring her back home with us! (Hannah especially! ;) It was good to see Travis too... He, like his wonderful wife have the underestimated gift of consistency and loyal friendship. They made me feel like no time had passed since I had previously frequented their space, chugged their coffee... and enjoyed their company. ;) Thank you so much for having us! We miss you!

At the end of July Elizabeth and I took the kids to an Avalanche game with some friends. It was another great experience! As the evening grew darker the pictures did not turn out very clearly so I don't have many to share. They did stay to run the bases and say their names into the microphone at the end, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

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